Learning at Home

I wanted to share some ideas on how to help your child retain what they have learned during the school year.
Review letters and letter sounds with your child.
   There are letters all around us.  Point to a letter and ask your child "what letter is this, what sound does it make?"   You can also say a word or point to an object and ask your child "what letter does this word, or object, start with?"
   Count with your child.  Have your child count objects.  There are numbers all around us, ask your child "what number is this?"
Continue having your child practice writing their name, your name or a word they see.  Have your child practice writing numbers, letters or words.  
When reviewing with your child, make it fun, put learning to a song. 
Reviewing this information with your child can be done in minutes each day and every where you go with your child.  Be creative!!!